Engrave your Favorite Photo onto Tile Wall Hangings/Coasters


Now you can get your favorite photograph etched permenantly into tile. These are engraved not screen printed photographs so they are very durable. They can be displayed sitting on a stand or hung on the wall, be used as coasters. Or even be used out doors as an addition to a loved one's monument. Each tile is 4 1/4" X 4 1/4" the pictures can be placed on tile in these shapes, square, rectangular, oval, circular we can even place your image in the shape of a heart.

Once you purchase you must send the digital photograph you choose via Email or a hard copy via the postal service. uppon receipt of payment and the photograph you can expect a 1-2 day turn around for shipment.

$19.95 for first 4.25X4.25 Engraving (includes setup fees) $10.00 each for aditional engravings of the same photograph.
Click below to Order 1st engraved tile $19.95 after ordering please email your digital photo to customengraving@mahogonymodels.com

Order duplicate tiles here $10.00 each for same photograph.

The Engraving process
During the engraving process the light areas of the photograph remain untouched by the laser and the dark areas become etched into the tile giving the appearance of a black and white photograph. The engraving is achieved by use of a laser engraver. The engraver converts the image into grey scale then removes/burns the material from the tile after engraving the tile is then hand rubbed with paint, the paint stays in the areas which are etched and is wipped off of the areas which are flush leaving a black and white image.