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Sky Soldiers / American Heritage Foundation Organizaion dedicated to preserving and preforming the history of army aviation. Preform at airshows with Army Helicopters Demonstrating tactics used in previous wars from Korea to today. They put on a heack of a show. Check them out join the organization and see if they will be at an air show near you.

187th AHC A great sight built and maintained by some great guys. Features War stories Reunion Info and much much more.

227th AHB Great sight full of a great bunch of guys includes Reunion info, War stories of camp Evans ammo dump explosion night of May 19-20 1968 Links to other Vietnam helicopter pilots organizations.

228th ASHB Was the 1st Cavalry Division's Chinook Battalion includes links to all kinds of veterans organizations stories and
information reunion info.

VHCMA Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association. Provides links reunion info stories.

VHPA Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association. News letter Links, Reunion info etc.

Virtual Wall Tribute to those who have fallen and those who are still missing. Brings the sobering reality of what many have paid ensuring our freedom.

The Following links were coppied from 227th AHB links page Please take a look at these sights the stories there will Provide some insight into a war that many still don't understand, and hope fully help reunite those who have lost touch with their units.

93rd Evacution Hospital

36th Evacution Hospital

1st (Aust) Field Hospital Association

Air America

1st Avn Bde, 1st Infantry Division

Flying Circus, 1st Bde, 1st Cav

D Troop 2/1 Cav (not working)

D Troop 1/4 Cav - C Troop 16th Cav

11th ACR Aviation (not working)

A Company - 4th Aviation Bn -25th Inf. Div

D Troop (Air) 3/4 Cav - 25th Inf. Div.

F Troop (Air) 4th Cav

Unofficial Army Flight School Site

Armed Falcon

Home of the 1/9th Bullwhip Squadron Association

B Troop, 1/9th, 1st Air Cav

C Troop, 1/9th, 1st Air Cav (not working)

B Company, 17th Assault Helicopter Company

2/17th 101st

Alpha Troop, 2/17th Cavalry "Assualt"

B trp. 2/17th Air Cav.--Banshee

A Troop 3/17th Cav Silver Spurs

3/17th ACR Association (not working)

D Troop 3/5th Air Calvary Squadron-"WarWagons"

7 Squadron, 17th Regiment (AIR)--"Ruthless Riders"

MEDEVAC 15th Medical Battalion

Co. A (Aslt Hel) 101st AVN, 101st Airborne----Comancheros

1st CAV Div Association.-The First Team!

1st Infantry Division (not working)

7th Squadron, 1st Air Cav-Blackhawks

101st Airborne Division-4/77th,-Dragons-Toros-Griffins

2/20 ARA 1 CAV-F/79 CAV->BlueMax

A Company/B Company-25th Aviation Battalion

31st Trans. (H-34)Company (Not Working)


48th Assault Helicopter Company-Bluestars

52 Avn Bn and 119th Avn Co-Dragons (not working)

57th Assault Helicopter Company-Gladiators

61st Assault Helicopter Company (not working)

68th Top Tigers & Mustangs

71st Assault Helicopter Company-Rattlers and Firebirds

92nd Assault Helicopter Company

101st Airborne Division Association

114th Assault Helicopter Company-Knights/Cobras (not working)

116th Assault Helicopter Company (down @ moment)

117th Assault Helicopter Company

117th Assault Helicopter Company Vietnam Association

118th Assault Helicopter Company

119th Assault Helicopter Company-Gators-Crocs

120th Aviation Company - RazorBacks

120th Aviation Organization - Deans (not working)

121st Assault Helicopter Company-Tigers-Vikings (not working)

128th Assault Helicopter Company - Tomahawks - Gunslingers

129th Assault Helicopter Company-Bulldogs-Cobras

134th Assault Helicopter Company (not working)

134th AHC & 268 Aviation Battalion

135th Assault Helicopter Company-EMU

138th Trans.Detachment (not working)

147th ASHC - Hillclimbers

155th Assault Helicopter Company

A Company 158th AVN, 101st ABN...Ghostriders

B Company 158th AVN, 101st ABN...Lancers.. (not working)

C Company 158th AVN, 101st ABN

159th Assualt Support Helicopter Battalion, 101st Div

159th Medical Detachment (DustOff) (not working)

C Company 159th ASHB-Playtex

161st Assault Helicopter Company

162 Assault Helicopter Company-Vultures (not working)

170th AHC Bikinis/Buccaneers

173rd Assault Helicopter Company "The Robinhoods"


174th Assault Helicopter Company-Dolphins/Sharks


176th Assault Helicopter Company Minuteman/Muskets

178th ASHC--Boxcars

179th Assault Support Helicopter Company

187th Assault Helicopter Company--"CRUSADERS"

188th Assault Helicopter Company - Black Widows, 101st AVN

189th Assault Helicopter Company

191st Assault Helicopter Company, 1st Aviation Brigade - Boomerangs/Bounty Hunters

192nd Assault Helicopter Company

192nd Assault Helicopter Company

195th Assault Helicopter Company-Skychiefs/Thunderchickens

199th Aviation Section----REDCATCHER

201st Aviation Company -- 201st CAC "Red Barons"


213th ASHC, 1st Avn Brigade...Black Cats

B Company, 214th Avn Regt (Hillclimbers)

B Company 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion

C Company-227th Assault Helicopter Battalion-Snakes


Guns A GO GO

228th ASHB and Guns-A-Go-Go-Winged Warriors(1)

228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion-Winged Warriors(2)

229th Assault Helicopter Battalion

D Company 229th Attack Helicopter Company

238th Aerial Weapons Company--1st Aviation Brigade

LZ of the 240th AHC

240th AHC Flightline

242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company-Muleskinners

281st AHC Intruders

281st AHC 2nd Plt, Bandits-DELTA-AIR

282nd Assault Helicopter Company-Blackcat

335th Assault Helicopter Company-COWBOYS

336th Assault Helicopter Company-WARRIORS

361st Aviation Company - Pink Panthers

362nd Aviation Company--The Last Hookers in Vietnam

539th Transportation Company

U.S. Air Force Units

USAF 21st Helicopter Squadron (Special Operations)

The Pedro Rescue Helicopter Association Home Page






HMM - 164

HMM - 165 - White Knights

HMM - 262 - Old Tigers

Other Vietnam Unit Links

D 2/8th Calvary, 1st Cav