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AAVP7A1  Model  Model Amtrac  Amtrak

AAVP7A1 AMTRAK AMTRAC Armored Personnel carrier AAVP7A1 Model Wood Wooden 13.5" Long 3.5 tall
Suggested Retail 189.95
Our Price: $109.95

Mahogony Models Exclusive


M-1 Abrams Mahogany Wood Model Tank with 360 degree rotating turrets and Machineguns. Rolling tracks 18" long 6" wide 3"tall Weight 8.5 lbs

Suggested Retao: $189.95
Pre order $109.95

Expected Late June 2015

HMMWV Wooden Model Truck Featured with Personalization which can be acquired through us.
Suggested Retail 149.95
Our Price: $109.95


M-2 Bradley Wood model APC

M-2 Bradley Armored Personnel carrier Model Wood Wooden 13.5" Long 3.5 tall
Suggested Retail 149.95
Our Price: $109.95

Mahogony Models Exclusive


MLRS Model Wood
MLRS Rocket Launcher
Suggested Retail $169.95

Our Price $109.95

Stryker APC Model Wood Mahogany
Stryker ESV Wooden Armored Personnel Carrier Model.
Reg $179.95

Sale Price $109.95


Beautiful Mahogany Wood Model Tanks Model AAVP7A1 M-1 Abrams M-48 Model M-109 Paladin Model HMMWV M113 Tiger and Stryker Models Hand Carved Wooden Tank and Military Vehcle Replicas.